Free Analysis

Performance and Security

A personalized analysis of your WordPress site, presenting a complete report on security issues and loading speed. It’s free!

What includes

Version check

Is your website using versions of WordPress or plugins that have security holes?


Verification of the list of users of the site, in order to verify the use of standard nomenclature


Are there viruses or malicious code inserted in your WordPress or plugins?


Is your site blacklisted on the internet, leaving it out of search results?



It is an open door by default in WordPress and very few people use this resource

Load Speed

Analysis of the site in the largest verification mechanisms: GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed


Checking server response time, one of the main causes for slow site loading


Suggestions and identification of improvement opportunities for speed and safety

Custom analysis

It is not a robot that tests your site and issues a generic standard report. I do an individual analysis and include in my report my conclusions based on technical knowledge.

Enter only the website address (it is not necessary to provide any access data).

Your information

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