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Worpress Maintenance

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Why hire maintenance for your website?


WordPress accounts for 35% of all sites on the internet worldwide. Due to its relatively simple platform that allows quick results, more and more people and companies have been using this technology for their business.

This apparent simplicity, however, can hide some risks. Increasingly, criminals have tried to break into websites to steal critical information or even use those sites as a “bridge” for other activities.

Therefore, it is important to count on professional help to keep the site updated and risk free. In addition, some adjustments and new implementations require technical knowledge to be implemented.

In this scenario, I put at your disposal my experience of more than 20 years in Information Technology, ensuring that your information is safe and the way you would like it to be displayed.

Optimizing the website can be a tedious task. But you have a choice.

Tweaks and customization

Changes in colors, fonts, content and images; New features, error fixes and various settings in the website environment; Installation and customization of plugins.

WordPress updates

Update to the latest WordPress versions, templates and website plugins. This procedure helps to maintain the security features of the platform.



Miscellaneous settings, including user permissions, login URL, enabling a firewall, blocking the editing and writing of sensitive Worpress files and more.



Analysis and configuration of resources to optimize the speed of the website, reducing its load time to make it more pleasant for visitors.

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